Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Grand 'SLAM' Time

Hey its the month of April - time for an exclusive hunt - and every year this hunt will be on with mixed feelings. The hunt I am referring to is about getting your autograph book or slam books slammed by the buddies whom you think you dont want to miss, atleast for that moment, at a later stage of your life. Though the word SLAM sounds a bit harsh, I look at it a perfect framing. The words in the book will find the depth of your heart as though it is slammed inside your soul.

This exercise of getting your slam books slammed by your friends, teachers, non-teaching staffs (though I have not got one...hmm) will look more important than completing your final exams as you don't want to lose anyone before you move (in most of the cases). And this slamming happens right from the school days, it continues to your high school, then to college days. I am not sure if anyone has got their slam books before they leave from one company to other and maybe when they retire:)

What are the times which will make the guys pick a slam book? The situations could vary from moving from one school to other in case of elementary to high school or high school to higher secondary or school to college or in case of the person's parents getting transfered to a different place and the list can go on. What finally needs to be looked at is the guys coming up with a book in their hand in mixed feelings to get their book filled in by most of them around.

So, why this becomes so special in your life? I should say it is a very special phase that you would love to read what every one has slammed in your book about them - their birthdays, address, photo and most importantly about you :) Sometimes, even this would get rid of the enmity between a few in your schooldays which is really good, right? And for some, it could be an ambition to get it filled from the ones they like/love and the word from them will mean everything for them :) It gives you a lovely feeling at that moment and a great feeling when you happen to look at that book after several years. It works like a time machine that you make a special trip to that older moments virtually, live there for a moment with the happenings around that period and so on. And, reading it again after years makes you feel very happy for sure :)

The other day on the road, I saw two guys going thru the slam book and could see a smile on their face. Looking at them, unknowingly I was smiling and feeling happy since it reminded me of my good old days where I got autograph of so many great people who shared their times with me in some walk or the other in my life. Guys if you missed it during your school/college days, even now its not too late. If you are going to move to a different company from the one you are working now or if you are going to retire, make sure you get slammed by your people around and I can guarantee that you will love to read it after a few years.

So, get slammed and have fun!!!!!!

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நதியின் ஓசை said...

Went thru my slam books Jai !

Jai T said...

Thx Narmadha :)

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