Thursday, September 25, 2008

It depends...

Certain people does something but that something would be totally unacceptable for someone. Why is it so? I feel this is because the people involved are fine with what they do. So it depends on the individual's perspective towards the act they do. You cannot write anything off by saying that is wrong or right. It depends on that particular person at that particular moment on that particular act they are doing.

If you look at the terrorists or the guys who does something which might involve huge loss of human lives, they never know what they are doing or for them that is the right thing to do. As far as the person/group of people is concerned, it is correct. We can say that their mind is corrupted but very little could be done to stop the people who do that - corrupting others minds and influencing them. Though we can argue that weak minds or person in need are targeted, the targeted persons also feel for that moment that what they are doing is correct.

Why to look at such a broader scale? Just check within your circle of friends, family members, colleagues, daily acquaintances and you will find that "It depends on each one of them for the act they do". Let us look at our friends circle. For some, cigarette smoking or drinking is not a big thing but for some those would come under bad habits. In spite of knowing that both are not good, they do it because for them it is not that bad.
Even in looking at girls/boys or passing comments on them or touching them at every opportunity, the border line drawn by each individual is differnt. Some would stop at looking, but some would go further to pass comments and some make the fullest of every opportunity to touch. If you ask them why they do it, each one would say there is nothing wrong in what they do. So you cannot say any particular thing as right or wrong at any given moment.

But when you live in a society among others, and if certain things are wrong and accepted by most % of people, we have to avoid doing that. Some still do even those things even if there is a law governing that act and is punishable. This is where the words terrorism, loss of human lives and such unwanted sad things are heard. One nice saying is there, even for a culprit to become good, he must be willing to become good. Otherwise, even if all of us say you cannot / should not do this or that, it will go unnoticed. Good thing is that some try to point out the wrong things so as to minimise the bad things atleast. But again, for all these to be in place, IT DEPENDS ... on how we take it.

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