Saturday, August 7, 2010

One Good Thing is...

All of us know that a coin has two sides. At one point in time, you can see one side of a coin only. If you had to look at the other side of the coin, unless you flip the coin, you will not be able to see it. Likewise, in life, you have most of the ingredients in pairs like happy-sad, tall-short and such pairs.

Why I am telling this is, most of the times, many of us, including me, will look at things happened to us - looking at one side of a coin. And we forget one important thing - not flipping the coin to see the other side. In not flipping we are unaware of what is there on the other side. And there is
always "One Good Thing" in what ever has happened which you might discover when you find time to flip. I am sure this does really excite you, but I am sure that when you flip, you will appreciate and accept that it is a fact that One Good Thing exists in anything, more importantly anytime!!!

Let us have a look at a few of the happenings that occur either once in a while or in our daily walks of the life, which had atleast One Good Thing in it.

One Good Thing

* when any of your closest person, be it a friend or relative or your love, ditches you under some circumstances, is that it is really good that you learnt that you cannot count on them anymore.

* when you have failed in any of your attempts towards a particular goal, see that it in turn makes you think much better to achieve what you wanted thus honing your ability.

* when you miss the train / bus to your work place from your family / friends on a weekend night, is that, you can spend with your closed ones some more time.

* when you feel sorry / bad on seeing few folks who slog a lot to earn very little, is that, you can relax as they have got something to take care of them

* when you cross a Volvo bus, is that, you can rest assure that you will not be the chosen one for those idiots who spit out on the street from a bus.

* about this post is that you have been reminded that always there is atleast one good thing in everything and has brought a smiling curve, rather than a frowning curve, on your lips for a moment atleast.

Though at moments, you will not be in a position to look for the good things in whatever has happened, it would be good to flip the coin to discover and recover from that soon to see for the good thing in that. Now that you know that there is a good thing in everything, appreciate life for letting you know through an incident or happening.
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