Wednesday, December 31, 2008

31.Dec.2008: Responsibility...

In today's world, check with anyone if they have anything or anyone to blame. Immedialtely you will get the answer - a big YES from everyone. Only thing is everyone will have issues or persons to blame according to their living standards forgetting their own responsibilities. Let me not get into the depth of each of the persons in each standards. I have given below the situation that made me think about this.

The other day, I was in the hospital for some checkup for one of my family member. We were waiting for the doctor and talking in general. That moment, a school girl in her uniform was assiting one more girl who was badly hurt into the hospital. Even the girl who brought the other girl was also hurt but not that bad compared to the other girl. Both the girls, should be in their 8th standard, kept their school bags near the entrance and walked into the hospital crying.

The other girl was hit on her forehead and was bleeding in addition to scratches on her legs and hands. The girl who assisted this girl was also having scratches in the hand and leg. But she seemed a bit courageous in coming to the hospital. I dont know what I would have done in that age :)

We overheard and came to know that the girls were returning from the school in the bike and fell down. We thought some guy had dashed them and went. But after sometime we came to know the actual reason. Nobody had done anything but themselved. Yes, the girl who assisted was riding the bike and got caught in the sand and lost the control it seems.

I was feeling really bad for the girls for sure. But when I thought who was responsible for this incident or rather accident. The first thing is how can the parents allow their children, who are not even 15, to take the bike to school? Dont they know that they should not ride without getting a licence at the age of 18? Since the parents did not tell anything, the girls took the bike and went to school. This is the first step where this accident could have been avoided.

This is the fault by the girls. But, given their age, they do love adventures and riding bike is one among them for sure. This is the next level where the accident could have been avoided. But more than all these things, what struck me was "How can the management, teachers allow their students to come in bike?". Dont they know that a 8th standard student will not have licence with them?

They should have called their parents and instructed them not to allow this. They do teach so many things but they fail in not following them. If at all they have called for the girls parents to take the bike once they have reached the school, this could have been avoided.

With the above incident, one thing is clear. Everyone has a role in each walk of our life. But then we just do not care about them and cry once something bad had occured. We do not do what we are supposed to, but we will start blaming others. So, on this New year time, lets stop the blame game and look into our responsibilities first.

Happy New Year 2009!!!

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