Wednesday, December 31, 2008

31.Dec.2008: Responsibility...

In today's world, check with anyone if they have anything or anyone to blame. Immedialtely you will get the answer - a big YES from everyone. Only thing is everyone will have issues or persons to blame according to their living standards forgetting their own responsibilities. Let me not get into the depth of each of the persons in each standards. I have given below the situation that made me think about this.

The other day, I was in the hospital for some checkup for one of my family member. We were waiting for the doctor and talking in general. That moment, a school girl in her uniform was assiting one more girl who was badly hurt into the hospital. Even the girl who brought the other girl was also hurt but not that bad compared to the other girl. Both the girls, should be in their 8th standard, kept their school bags near the entrance and walked into the hospital crying.

The other girl was hit on her forehead and was bleeding in addition to scratches on her legs and hands. The girl who assisted this girl was also having scratches in the hand and leg. But she seemed a bit courageous in coming to the hospital. I dont know what I would have done in that age :)

We overheard and came to know that the girls were returning from the school in the bike and fell down. We thought some guy had dashed them and went. But after sometime we came to know the actual reason. Nobody had done anything but themselved. Yes, the girl who assisted was riding the bike and got caught in the sand and lost the control it seems.

I was feeling really bad for the girls for sure. But when I thought who was responsible for this incident or rather accident. The first thing is how can the parents allow their children, who are not even 15, to take the bike to school? Dont they know that they should not ride without getting a licence at the age of 18? Since the parents did not tell anything, the girls took the bike and went to school. This is the first step where this accident could have been avoided.

This is the fault by the girls. But, given their age, they do love adventures and riding bike is one among them for sure. This is the next level where the accident could have been avoided. But more than all these things, what struck me was "How can the management, teachers allow their students to come in bike?". Dont they know that a 8th standard student will not have licence with them?

They should have called their parents and instructed them not to allow this. They do teach so many things but they fail in not following them. If at all they have called for the girls parents to take the bike once they have reached the school, this could have been avoided.

With the above incident, one thing is clear. Everyone has a role in each walk of our life. But then we just do not care about them and cry once something bad had occured. We do not do what we are supposed to, but we will start blaming others. So, on this New year time, lets stop the blame game and look into our responsibilities first.

Happy New Year 2009!!!

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Monday, October 20, 2008

20 Oct 2008: Sach(in) a great feat!!!!

Breaking a record in itself is a special one. And when Sachin does that it becomes very special, not for me alone but for the whole cricketing world. Yes, Sachin - the master blaster, little master, modern era Don, cricket's GOD, you can call him anything - has added another feather to his cap by becoming the highest run scorer in Test cricket.

He not only went past Brian Lara's record to become the highest run scorer but eventually crossed the 12000 mark. So again he is the first one to have scored 12000 plus runs in both the forms of cricket - One day and Test cricket. He achieved this on 17th Oct 2008, the first day of 2nd Test at Mohali against the Australians.

Though there are some still murmuring that he should have done this long back or compare him with his comtemporaries or something else, this is no mean feat which the ordinary people can even think of. He is sach a person that he need not think of any sach things but he is destined and well deserved to hold sach records in his career lasting for around 20 years. This span of 20 years itself is a great thing which many can dare to visualize.

At times, even I have made some remarks or criticized about his performances, which everyone will agree that it has come below his standards in the recent times. But that did not stop me in congratulating this great feat. So my, I would rather say our, hearty wishes for sach a person called Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar on achieving sach a great feat.

Oops...I was totally lost and mesmerized by this guy that I was using "sach" for "such". So, for sach...mmm...such a person, let us wish him to scale more in the days to come.

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

It depends...

Certain people does something but that something would be totally unacceptable for someone. Why is it so? I feel this is because the people involved are fine with what they do. So it depends on the individual's perspective towards the act they do. You cannot write anything off by saying that is wrong or right. It depends on that particular person at that particular moment on that particular act they are doing.

If you look at the terrorists or the guys who does something which might involve huge loss of human lives, they never know what they are doing or for them that is the right thing to do. As far as the person/group of people is concerned, it is correct. We can say that their mind is corrupted but very little could be done to stop the people who do that - corrupting others minds and influencing them. Though we can argue that weak minds or person in need are targeted, the targeted persons also feel for that moment that what they are doing is correct.

Why to look at such a broader scale? Just check within your circle of friends, family members, colleagues, daily acquaintances and you will find that "It depends on each one of them for the act they do". Let us look at our friends circle. For some, cigarette smoking or drinking is not a big thing but for some those would come under bad habits. In spite of knowing that both are not good, they do it because for them it is not that bad.
Even in looking at girls/boys or passing comments on them or touching them at every opportunity, the border line drawn by each individual is differnt. Some would stop at looking, but some would go further to pass comments and some make the fullest of every opportunity to touch. If you ask them why they do it, each one would say there is nothing wrong in what they do. So you cannot say any particular thing as right or wrong at any given moment.

But when you live in a society among others, and if certain things are wrong and accepted by most % of people, we have to avoid doing that. Some still do even those things even if there is a law governing that act and is punishable. This is where the words terrorism, loss of human lives and such unwanted sad things are heard. One nice saying is there, even for a culprit to become good, he must be willing to become good. Otherwise, even if all of us say you cannot / should not do this or that, it will go unnoticed. Good thing is that some try to point out the wrong things so as to minimise the bad things atleast. But again, for all these to be in place, IT DEPENDS ... on how we take it.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

B +VE !!!!

B +VE !!!!

No, I am not a medical guy and am not going to talk about the blood groups here, but about thinking and being positive always. One fine day, I masticated on why I was not that good at my studies when I was doing my B.Tech, though I was more than an average student during my B.Sc days. I could think of many things but one thing which struck me was the thought that was doing a trip in my mind. When I pressed more on that I realized that it was not just a thought but it had influenced me negatively even without my knowing.

For the moment, let me rewind and want you all to be with me to have a look at my B.Sc days. First of all, welcome buddies :). I was not the person with any "cups" during those days. Oh, if anyone is lost on what a "cup" is, I have got only one thing to say - you are really the so called good guy/gal during your college days :). When you fail in a subject, then you are having a "cup" in that subject. So "cup" is a nick name for fail. Dont search for this meaning in any dictionary. Sorry for having digressed in defining "cup".

Let’s get back to what I was telling. I did not have any "cups" during my B.Sc days. Some poor chaps and friends of mine were having "cups" in not only one subject. I felt bad for them and tried to help them in reducing the "cups" they had as much as I could by assisting them in the subjects. Somehow I was thinking "How these guys would feel when they have a "cup" in a subject?". I really don't know why such a thought came to me.

If you closely analyze my thought, you can discover one thing. Only way to know their feelings is to be like them, meaning you have to get a "cup" in a subject. What did that mean? Am I wanting to get a "cup" in a subject just for the sake of knowing how those guys felt? Now, I can say how foolish it was to think like that. This thought did not affect me immediately but I strongly feel that thought, a negative thought to be precise, had its effect during my next level of education - my B.Tech days. The result is that I was not that good at studies and scored enough to get out of the college :)

Basically, what I wanted to tell is, instead of me thinking to be like the guys who got a "cup", I could have thought the other way. Like, I could have thought of them being without any "cups" and could have helped them in not getting anymore "cups". This is a positive approach I beleive you all would accept. From the moment I realized this, I avoid being negative at any point of time but remain like that of my blood group which is B +VE :). So, even if your blood group is not B +VE, always think and be positive!!

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

No tickets...please!!!

No tickets...please!!!

First time when I heard that I was taken back. What do you think it would be? When I got into BMTC bus, I gave a five rupee coin and asked the conductor a ticket for the stop I needed to go. The stop I had to go is actually the next stop which is a little more than the walking distance. The ticket charge was 3 rupees.

He promptly gave me the change and moved without giving the ticket. I asked him for the ticket and the response was "NO TICKETS". This is when I found the conductor had given a rupee more than the actual balance. I came to know that this is a practice (???) that's been followed. Should I tell that my 2 rupees had actually gone into his pocket? The worst thing is that I was denied a ticket even after I asked for the ticket by giving another rupee. The reply was simple - "this is not a stage and wont give tickets". If that stop is not a stage, then why are the buses stopping at that stop? Also, some conductors stare and at times literally scold murmuring on asking for a ticket. Hmm... so that's a nice treatment for no fault of ours, right?

This prompted me to check the info on the number of buses that BMTC ply daily and found it in wikipedia (around 25th Apr 2008) and this is an excerpt from that page:

Every day(as on 12-01-2008), we
* Operate 4723 schedules

* Deploy a fleet of 4829 buses

* Make 66665 trips

* Perform 10.48 Lakhs Service Kilometres

* Carry more than 37.00 Lakhs Passengers

* Earn around Rs.220.11 lakhs and

* Pay Rs. 12.11 lakh to the Government towards Motor Vehicle tax
[check the link for more info on BMTC:;]

I am sure that he is not the only person who is doing such a thing and this is not the only route where this is happening. Now, lets think of a hypothetical case. Just out of the 66K and odd trips, consider that during only 10% of these trips (I have a feeling that it would be minimun 70%) they dont give the tickets. This means that around 7000 trips they are not giving tickets. Also say for example that in each trip they dont give the Rs.3 tickets to 50 people in one trip and take 2 rupees from them. This means they are getting Rs. 100 per trip. On whole they get approximatley Rs.70000 per day. Does this not mean Rs.70000 LOSS to BMTC for one single day?

When I just gave a thought process on the cause for this, I could think of a few things - not even once I have seen the checking inspector & co; the public also needs to be blamed as they are the ones who encouraged the conductors across Banglaore to do this and I really dont know what they are going to do with a rupee saved per trip. They are not realizing about what they are losing indirectly. I really wonder if this is not known to anyone of the BMTC officials. Also, think it is high time that BMTC takes some step to stop this before the conductors start this habit in Volvos and in turn boost its profit to a new high by making sure that conductors DO issue tickets!!!

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Is this "fair"???

Is this "fair"???

First of all I would like to say that I am no enemy for those who are fair in complexion :). This is just my thought on certain advertisements and movies that tend to preach negative thoughts based on the color.

As we all know, the media is as powerful as ever and its importance has increased in the recent past. In such a scenario where everyone including the future of India - the youngsters - take a close look and tend to follow by that, such things might make a bad impact in the younger minds. So when an advertisement/movie appeals for fairness alone, what message does it send to the viewers? What about those guys in dark complexion? What will the younger generation think about those in dark complexion?

When we talk constantly about eradicating racism elsewhere, how such ads/movies get an OK? The other concern is - How do the cine stars or the models, who have a large fan group following, act in such ads/movies? Is money the only factor for them? Also, the masterminds behind these ideas are to be blamed. Cant they think of some good concepts other than this?

Are the Men in Black/Dark complexion not handsome? Atleast I dont think so. Look at these personalities who are dark but looks very handsome to me:
Nelson Mandela (more details:,
APJ Abdul Kalam (more details:,
Arthur Ashe, Rosa Parks (I came to know about her from my friend Raj. more details:,
and a lot more including our own Super Star Rajnikanth (more details:
and obviously ME :))

Hope, in the future, those who are involved will give a second thought before they make it available for the public and be really fair :)

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