Monday, October 20, 2008

20 Oct 2008: Sach(in) a great feat!!!!

Breaking a record in itself is a special one. And when Sachin does that it becomes very special, not for me alone but for the whole cricketing world. Yes, Sachin - the master blaster, little master, modern era Don, cricket's GOD, you can call him anything - has added another feather to his cap by becoming the highest run scorer in Test cricket.

He not only went past Brian Lara's record to become the highest run scorer but eventually crossed the 12000 mark. So again he is the first one to have scored 12000 plus runs in both the forms of cricket - One day and Test cricket. He achieved this on 17th Oct 2008, the first day of 2nd Test at Mohali against the Australians.

Though there are some still murmuring that he should have done this long back or compare him with his comtemporaries or something else, this is no mean feat which the ordinary people can even think of. He is sach a person that he need not think of any sach things but he is destined and well deserved to hold sach records in his career lasting for around 20 years. This span of 20 years itself is a great thing which many can dare to visualize.

At times, even I have made some remarks or criticized about his performances, which everyone will agree that it has come below his standards in the recent times. But that did not stop me in congratulating this great feat. So my, I would rather say our, hearty wishes for sach a person called Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar on achieving sach a great feat.

Oops...I was totally lost and mesmerized by this guy that I was using "sach" for "such". So, for sach...mmm...such a person, let us wish him to scale more in the days to come.

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