Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Have you, at times wondered like - "what's happening to me?", "few years back it was not like this", "what happened all of a sudden?", etc...?

Few years back you would have been talking to your closed ones (siblings, relations, friends...) without any hassles but now the scenario might be different that you try to avoid each other and you are feeling uneasy. You are like an isolated island with respect to that person(s) though you are very close physically.

If you look back at it, spending some time for that, you will realize that it could have been avoided by talking open heartedly. So talking the issues and thrashing it out before it's too late is a good thing to maintain relations is what I feel. It's not that we don't know this but we DON'T DO it. How sad :(

What's happening is that we are not ready to accept the uniqueness of each personality. Each person is unique in his own way. But when it comes to being together with others, we, somehow, expect others to behave like how we expect. So, we DON'T ACCEPT THE DIFFERENCES. On the other hand, we are not ready to listen to what others tell. That is, if your closed ones tell you something or wants to comment about your act, you are not OK with that and DON'T WANT TO LISTEN.

When such things happen and you don't talk about that, the gap becomes large that you start to feel some discomfort with the respective person. If the talking had happened somehow, you would not have moved into the so called discomfort zone. So start talking to your closed ones open heartedly, now atleast so that such petty things dont destroy the relation between two good people. These talkings are good in any kind of a relationship - be it between your siblings, between your family members, between parents and their children, husband and wife or between friends.

Aren't these things very simple and can be shoo-ed away just like that without any issues? It CAN be done provided, you - both the ends - are open to accepting the differences and listen to what others say. I know it is very difficult though easily said but when it comes to maintain relationships, which atleast I feel, is very important in all walks of our life.

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