Wednesday, July 29, 2009

30.Jul.2009: Irony - Dreaming Vs Expectation.

"Dream a lot so that it will get shape one day".
"Dreaming sincerely leads to the destination you wanted to reach"

You would have been told by your elders or friends or atleast heard things like that somewhere. The above sayings mean that Dreaming lets you attain whatever you wanted with sincere efforts towards that.

And now look at the below statements:
"Dont expect too much"
"Keep your expectations low"
"Its better not to develop expectations"

You would have heard these statements too by almost the similar lot of people who have told you about dreaming.

If you look at what exactly a dream means, you will find that dreaming is expecting something. What an irony!!

So now what would you have to do? Should you not dream or not have expectations? No way buddy and you can dream and have to have expectations for sure. As our beloved APJ Abdul Kalam says "Dream is something that you dont do while you sleep. It is something that does not make you sleep".

So, you can dream of whatever you want provided you work towards that to make it happen. More important, your dream should not depend on anyother individual other than you. The moment your dream is dependent on others you will seldom move towards what you had dreamt of.

Thus the secret lies in dreaming things that are there within your control only. So dream!! Be it small, big or medium and wishing you all the best to attain it - YOUR EXPECTED DREAM :)

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